Let me compliment you on the packaging & presentation of your product & the excellent service throughout the process. Power & speed doesn’t seem to have changed at all (although logic would tell you that dragging that pipe behind the boat must create some resistance) & the sound level inside the boat has improved significantly. The boat sounds like a stern drive now & the main noise is now coming from the engine compartment. … We don’t ride the wake behind the boat mainly just barefoot… Happy to recommend your product in Australia.

Mark P,

Been using mine for 4 years with no problems… and it’s working great!

Andy Z,

I test drove my boat today with the FAE. I have nothing but good things to say.

First, the wakeboard wake was unaffected, no sprays, no change in roost, no vibrations or weird feeling when driving. The rider 80 feet back noticed how quiet it was, just wind noise and no engine noise.

Driving was unaffected. I couldn’t even tell it was back there when driving slow, fast, or turning. I drove it with no ballast and with full ballast… I did not notice any difference in either situations compared to pre-FAE…So needless to say, I am very happy and will definitely encourage others who are thinking about going with your FAE system to do it.


Running it yesterday I hear how quiet it is. This thing is Bad Ass.